Compositions & Properties

Rare Composition

The core structure of our Glacial Oceanic Clay is chlorite-mica, enhanced by almost 60 rare earth minerals and marine ions, culminating in a natural, restorative clay.

  • Purifying Ions: our Glacial Oceanic Clay is highly reactive, effectively targeting and lifting dead cells and skin impurities.
  • Rehydrating Osmosis: molecules penetrate cells to draw rich moisture from deep within to rehydrate skin gently and uniformly.
  • Colloidal exfoliation: microscopic particles of our Glacial Oceanic Clay adhere to skin pores, emulsifying to remove excess oils and impurities.
  • Invigorating astringency: constrictive attributes reduce pore size resulting in smoother, firmer skin.
  • pH toning: neutral pH properties help strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  • Anti-inflammatory: high-absorption rapidly cools, soothes and reduces swelling and puffiness.