Our Clay

As stewards of this precious, rare resource, Ironwood Clay employs eco-conscious harvesting methods, including intertidal extraction and zero-footprint practices, to ensure the highest degree of healthy quality and sustainability. We have earned esteemed accreditation from local and federal governments, health regulators and global environmental groups.

Attesting to our respect for resources, we are the sole permittee authorized by the government of British Columbia, Canada, to gather this amazing clay intertidally, and hold mineral tenure from the Mineral Titles Branch of the Province of British Columbia, which is granted only after stringent review by the Ministry of Energy and Mines to ensure strict adherence to all Health, Safety and Reclamation Codes, including an Environmental Assessment Process and First Nations consultation. Our practises and products are also sanctioned by several international standards associations, including ECOCERT®1.

1 For Natural and Ecological cosmetic products (Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Mineral Water)

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