OEM Partnering

End-to-end solutions. Expert supply chain management.

As stewards of our precious resource, First Nations partners and local communities, Ironwood Clay has earned esteemed accreditation from local and federal governments, health regulators and global environmental groups. We are registered and permitted in full compliance by the government of British Columbia, Canada. We’ve also set industry standards for quality and reliability as the world’s trusted source-to-formula-to-package experts with a supply chain as exceptional as our products.

Environmental Standards

We strive to protect lands and habitat, while respecting changing environmental conditions and socio-economic needs. To ensure sustainability, we:

  • take precautions to prevent adverse environmental impact
  • continually enhance environmental performance standards
  • provide timely, transparent communications to stakeholders
  • optimize organic or natural ingredients in manufacturing
  • maximize efficiency of resources
  • adhere to waste management protocol